With no doubt blades are next most important part - especially if maximum speed is an issue in any conditions and distances.  As ice support to board differs depending on ice temperature, there is no such thing as best blade. For first and following editions of Hiberna boards we offer Y11 blades - choice of shapes for  different ice conditions.  For best performance and appearance of your board there are hand polished option available.

Blade working edge is curved profile with straight 4, 8, 18 cm or even more on special request. 

Laser cut.  CNC milled working edge with 90 deg angle - ready for fine adjustments.  Side surface is industrial  rolled, but can be grinded or hand polished for best look, sliding performance and smooth contact with support on the bridge.

Y11 ST300/6,5 SNOW grinded.  Blide for deep snow & double ice effect. Elevated for 20 mm and shortened blade for conditions, where regular shape blades just jam too often.

ST 300 - AISI 300th grades stainless as standard.  CA carbonated steel - used for very low ice temperature.  All of 5 mm  sheets available on request with minimum quantities.

Y11 ST300/4 polished.   4 cm straight support provide best turning ability and is offered as standard to our boards. Polished finish gives best possible look for stainless steal.

Y11 ST300/16 rolled.  16 cm straight have stability in high speed and especially in combination with increased edge angle will provide best support for soft and melting ice.

Y11 ST300/8 grinded.  8 cm straight can be used for softer ice or higher speed on hard ice to increase support and stability. Grinded finish hide marks normally appearing on stainless steel sheet surfaces from heavy industry rolling machines.